Which type of air conditioning is best for your Adelaide home?

Which type of air conditioning is best for your Adelaide home?

When choosing what kind of air conditioner you want to install within your Adelaide home, you need to consider which of the available options best suits your location, home size, and budget. The following are the typical air conditioning options and their benefits that may, or may not, suit your home.

A more conventional option, the ducted system is an all-in-one solution for the entire home. However, as with all the possibilities, this comes down to wattage and how much power a system has. It is essential to find the correct energy capabilities for the rooms as too much energy, or too little, affects the effectiveness of cooling the area.

Ducted systems are best used when you want complete control over the temperature of your entire home. However, you may only want this option if you need to constantly cool or heat multiple rooms throughout the house. If you don’t live in a busy house, a split system may be sufficient for the amount of temperature control you need. This type of air conditioning is concealed, and the air is administered through vents in each room. However, often homes have structures that don’t have the roof space for ducted air conditioning, so this is something you should inquire about with a reputable air conditioning professional.

A split system may be an option to consider if you a looking to cool one or two rooms. They are best used in open-plan areas such as living/dining spaces that are significantly larger than the common room. A split system is cheaper and easier to install than a ducted system but does not have the full home capabilities. However, if you have a small home with a relatively open plan, a split system with a high wattage could be sufficient enough. Aesthetically, a split system is quite bulky and not as discreet as a ducted system, but air conditioning professionals can place your split system in the area that best benefits the room and layout of the home.

A wall or window air conditioning unit is best suited for a smaller space. It is a less common option, but a small wall unit can be installed with ease, and often only requires a single power supply to cool a room of up to 50 square meters. The units are cheap and have all of the necessary components within a small box for convenience, and can be moved and placed in different windows or walls with little fuss. If you have a single room that requires a heating or cooling solution that the rest of the house does not, a wall air conditioning unit is a cost viable option with adequate power.

Other things that will affect your choice include the size of your home, the area that you live in and the layout of your home.

If you are not sure which option is best for you, give Richmond Air a call and speak to one of Adelaide air conditioning installation professionals!