What’s the best air conditioning solution a small Adelaide home?

With the fluctuating weather conditions here in South Australia, having an efficient home air conditioning system in Adelaide is paramount. If you are like the millions of Australians living in a smaller home, you may be thinking about installing or upgrading an air conditioning service. If that is the case, it is essential to know which solution is best for your size residence.


All of the systems have their benefits, but the best option for you comes down to many factors. First of all your budget. Regardless of the actual size of your home, you have to consider how many rooms of the house need heating and cooling. If it is several, you might need to consider getting a ducted system. However, these systems incur a larger upfront cost (and consistent cost of running in bills). If your small home only needs a certain area of heating and cooling, a low-cost smaller capacity split system can be enough to satisfy your needs – particularly if you don’t have funds to spend on the system installation.


When choosing what system best suits your smaller home, it is crucial to consider how many people are in your home on a day-to-day business. If your home only has 2-3 residents and is a smaller space, a mid-range split system will provide enough output to the majority of the house. However, if your home has elderly residents or infants (who are more sensitive to temperature), you may need additional air conditioning services specific to their needs in different rooms. If this is the case, a ducted system with zoning capabilities would be preferable to multiple split systems or the low output window units.


In a small home, the design of the house can determine which kind of air conditioning service best suits. If your home has somewhat of an open plan, the higher end split systems can efficiently deliver enough air to the majority of the space. However, with more rooms that are commonly occupied, a ducted air conditioning system will be better at providing enough air to comfortably cool or heat the area.


If you wish to maintain a specific look to your small home, a ducted system would be preferable. This is due to the look of split systems which are mounted high on walls in living areas and bedrooms. In a small home, this can take up a large section of wall space making the room look and feel smaller. This is similar to window units, which will be mounted on the side of your home directing into space, if you need more than one throughout the home, you will start to notice a significant change in the overall aesthetic of your home.

In some situations, a small home only needs a split system with a reasonable output, in other busier homes, the ducted system is still a great system. If you are still not sure what home air conditioning system will be the best in your Adelaide home, give the experts at Richmond Air a call.