How long does it take to install ducted air conditioning?

A ducted air conditioning system in Adelaide means comfort all year round in every room of the house. However, because of the sheer size of the ducted system compared to a split system, homeowners thinking of adding air conditioning to their homes often ask themselves, how long will it take to install this ducted system? The short answer is not long in the scheme of things. If the timeframe is affecting your decision to move forward with installing a ducted air conditioning system, you should consider the following factors that might impact the installation period.


Compared to a split system, which is mounted on an internal wall in the area of choice, a ducted system is installed in the roof space. This means that the vast majority of the process involves the air conditioning experts operating inside your roof to install an internal unit as the central location for the system. Then, a series of ducts are delivered to the various rooms of the house. If the ceiling cavity of your home is difficult to navigate based on design or location it can be significantly harder to install, and therefore take longer. If you have a manhole that can be easily accessed, and an ample roof space, the installers will be able to traverse the area with efficiency.

Existing systems

The removal of an old air conditioning system can take some time. If you are upgrading an older ducted air conditioning system, it may involve the complete removal of the previous system before the installation of the new system can commence. This is once again a step that will increase the overall duration of the installation process, and something you should consider before choosing when to install.

Time of the year

Like many trade industries, getting close to summer means the business will be busier. As many homeowners only begin to consider upgrading their Adelaide air conditioning servicesare the weather heats up, you can find yourself last on a long list of waiting clients. If you contact a company like Richmond Air earlier in the year, where the air conditioning services might not be so important to the comfort of your home, you can decrease the duration of the process dramatically. However, if you wait until December to start inquiring about a new service, you might find yourself waiting for months until the installation can begin. In summary, being proactive can save you plenty of time down the track!

If you consider these three things when planning the addition of a new ducted air conditioning system in your Adelaide home, you will be able to estimate the time that the process will take. Alternatively, contact Richmond Air,