Can I install ducted air conditioning in my home?

Ducted air conditioning in Adelaide is great! It can cool or heat various areas of your house at any one time and is tucked away out of sight in your roof. So, if you have decided to add a ducted home air conditioning service to your home, it’s crucial to think about the practicality of this installation, and whether it is possible in your home. The following are some of the attributes your residence should house to efficiently cater to a ducted home air conditioning service.

Unit Size

If you wish to install this service, the roof cavity in your home must be big enough to effectively house the internal unit. The unit works as the central location for the air conditioning service, and therefore must be placed in the middle of the ceiling cavity for maximum efficiency. Some units can be as long as 3 meters, and as wide as 1.4 meters, so there must be ample open space where there are no trusses or framing in the way. This is something to inquire about during the consultation phase of the process, as different size systems (regarding kW) are physically different sizes.


Commonly, if there is enough room for the central indoor unit, there will be enough room for the ducts. However, it is important to check the access before proceeding with the installation. Ducts can be anywhere from 200mm to 400mm, and there must be undisrupted access to the areas of the home where the air is required. Some ceiling designs, may impact the efficiency or installation of the system. The best way to determine if the ducts can be effectively connected in your particular roof space is to contact the professionals at Richmond Air. If you cannot run the ducting to the rooms, it may be necessary to revise your choice of system.


With a ducted air conditioning system you really have the ultimate control over the climate within your Adelaide home. With a remote control available, you can utilise the systems zoning capabilities, and control the temperature of different rooms concurrently. There are no real requirements for this system, other than the physical ones mentioned above. So if you believe that having control over all rooms in the house without a unit being mounted in each room, you should consider ducted air conditioning for a undisputed level of control.

Ducted home air conditioning in Adelaide is an excellent solution for a discreet and effective system that can heat and cool the entire house. If you have enough space and access or would like a consultation, give Richmond Air a call and start your journey toward in-home climate control.