5 ways to keep the elderly comfortable in Adelaide summer

5 steps to keeping the elderly comfortable in an Adelaide summer

Summer can be a hard time for the elderly, the increase in temperature can be uncomfortable, and also hazardous to the health of a senior citizen. The older we get, that harder it is to maintain a steady body temperature, so during the summer months, it is pivotal that the elderly are exposed to the correct air conditioning services.

Be conscious!

For the elderly, even a single degree change in temperature can have dangerous effects on chronic health conditions. Having an up to date air conditioning system gives you complete control and accuracy of the area’s temperature. By speaking to doctors you can determine an optimal climate that suits the lifestyle of a senior family member, and you can use an air conditioning system in Adelaide to maintain that temperature no matter what the outdoor weather is.

Dust is dangerous

If you have decided that an air conditioning system is an optimal way to keep an elderly member of your family cool, you must consider the environment. If an air conditioner is around a dusty area, it can blow dust toward people in the room, and if the elderly members of the home inhale microbes and dust, it can cause further health concerns. So if an air conditioner is being installed for the comfort of all those in the area, make sure it’s away from a dusty environment.

Keep rooms clean

Similarly, in small areas, both a ducted air conditioning system and a split system can move any microbes, dirt or dust around the room and into the air. Once again this can be dangerous for seniors with weak immune systems who may be breathing in this air consistently throughout a day. It is vital to not only place your air conditioner in a clean location but to ensure that the entire area is regularly vacuumed and clean to secure the long-term health of those inside.

Check filters

Although you may have an air conditioner set to an optimal temperature, the system may not be working effectively if the filters are blocked. Air conditioner filters should be replaced approximately every four weeks, or they can become blocked or broken, resulting in the efficiency of the system dropping significantly, and therefore not maintaining temperature thoroughly. This can also lead to an increase in allergies or colds as the filter will not pick up the dust in the air effectively. These reactions can be significantly more dangerous to the elderly.

Keep all rooms the same temperature

There are some air conditioning systems, such as ducted systems, that can control the airflow to several rooms at once. If you have an older family member, it is important that the temperature is consistent in each room they may find themselves in. It can often be dangerous for someone with a weak immune system to move from one temperature to another rapidly, as it can cause shock. With a ducted system or multiple split systems, you can ensure that all of the areas they might find themselves in are consistent with temperature.

With air conditioning in Adelaide, if you look out for these five things, you can ensure that the elderly can benefit from the consistent climate, and stay comfortable all summer long.