4 Things You Need to Know About Ducted Heating

What Should I Know About Ducted Heating

With the days quickly becoming colder and Winter just around the corner, it’s quickly becoming harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. You’ve always wanted to create a toasty and warm winter haven, so what are you waiting for? No doubt you’re a little perplexed by the extensive range of home heating options on the market and so to make your choice a little easier we’ve listed a few of the fantastic benefits of installing a ducted heating system below!

First of all, How Does Ducted Heating Work?

A ducted heating system works by running off a core central heating unit. This unit then produces hot air which is pumped out through a network of heavily insulated ducts in either the floor or ceiling to vents that are located in various rooms around the home.

Homeowners can also use the ducted heating control panel to control the temperature, fan speed and the rooms to which the hot air is sent to with what’s known as ‘dampers’. Dampers are mechanisms that block heating to prevent the air from flowing to different parts of the home.

Ducted Heating is Energy Efficient

While a reverse cycle air-conditioning and heating system is prone to losing efficiency when it gets cold outside, ducted heating systems aren’t affected by the weather. This saves you energy which in turn will reduce those sky-high South Australian energy bills, all while making sure your home is snug and warm during Adelaide’s frosty Winters!

Ducted Heating Will Provide You with Instant and Comfortable Heat

The heat that a ducted heating system will produce is a very comfortable heat. This is because the air is moister than others, resulting in a comfortable environment that won’t affect those of you who may suffer from asthma or allergies.

As will all natural gas heating solutions, ducted gas systems will heat up as soon as they are switched on. In no time at all your home will feel the warm air flowing quietly throughout your home.

With Ducted Heating You Can Heat In Zones

As mentioned above, a ducted heating system allows you to heat and control the temperature in different zones of the home. This means that you can heat different rooms at different times to suit your needs. Not only does this give you ultimate control, but it will also save you on your energy bills!

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