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Wall-split Air Conditioners in Adelaide.

Split system air conditioners are ideal for single rooms; most commonly they are found to be installed within a lounge room, bedroom or an open plan area which is up to 60 square meters.


The split system or high wall-split reverse cycle air conditioner, is usually located high on a wall in the specified room with the condensing unit installed externally. This set up provides minimal operation noise as the condenser (which is the primary source of noise from the air conditioner) is located outside of your home or office.


Split system air conditioners are extremely economical and efficient to run and are available at an affordable cost with a range of makes and models to suit your property and air conditioning requirements. Wall-split air conditioners are generally reverse cycle models; which means as well as providing cool air in summer they can also heat the area during the winter – giving you the best of both worlds from one smart, stylish and efficient unit.


The way that the split system air conditioner works is by removing any hot air and humidity that has built up inside of your property, this heat is then expelled through the compressor to the outside. The compressor then draws in air from outside and cools it via the use of refrigerants. This chilled air is then passed into your required area, through copper pipes, where is it blown around the room by the use of a fan within the unit. When the split system is used in heat mode the process works in reverse – drawing cold air out and pushing heated air in.


If you’re in the market for a split system air conditioner in Adelaide then contact the specialists from Richmond Air Solutions. Our Adelaide air conditioning experts can supply you with a free, no obligation, quote for the supply and installation of the ideal high wall split system reverse cycle air conditioner that will adequately heat and cool the desired area for your home or office.


What are the benefits of a high wall split system air conditioner?

There are many benefits of a split system air conditioner, depending on your individual heating and cooling requirements. The main stand out features of split system air conditioning units include;

  • A split system air conditioner will quickly cool or heat the area where the unit is installed. All makes and models are extremely easy to operate via use of a handy remote control. When you opt for a system that has both heating and cooling capabilities you can easily use the one system all year round without having to purchase a separate home heating appliance.
  • As the system is designed to only cool, or heat, a specified area within your home or office there is no energy wasted on cooling or heating unrequired areas – making them extremely efficient and cost effective.
  • As there is no ducting needed, and minimal modifications to your home are required, a split system air conditioner is extremely affordable to install.
  • Many models of split system air conditioners will purify the air, removing dust and allergens from your home or office.
  • The filters can easily be removed and cleaned by the owner resulting in low maintenance costs and less call-out requirements.

Which wall-split air conditioner is right for me?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wall-split air conditioner for you the choice can soon become overwhelming due to the numerous makes and models on the market today.


The last thing that you want to do is to choose a split-system air conditioner that is too large or too small for the area required as you will end up paying more in ongoing running costs. Let the team from Richmond Air Solutions take the stress out of your decision by providing you with expert advice along with a free quote for the supply and installation of your ideal wall-split system in Adelaide.


We supply quality wall-split systems from leading manufacturers such as:

  • Carrier wall-split air conditioning
  • Samsung wall-split air conditioning
  • Mitsubishi wall-split air conditioning

Or, should you have a preferred air conditioning brand not listed above, we can easily supply and install for you at a competitive cost.


For all of your Adelaide air conditioning requirements contact the friendly, reliable and professional team from Richmond Air Solutions. We come to you across all areas of South Australia – including Victor Harbor and many rural towns.

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