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How home air conditioning can help reduce stress?



Let's be honest, life is stressful enough. Certain levels of stress are reached in so many different everyday situations, and often this can be attributed to the climate you are constantly exposed to. Hot temperatures can cause heightened stress, which can lead to an array of long-term health concerns. At Richmond Air, we think that one of the best ways to reduce stress is to implement a functional air conditioning system in your Adelaide home.


Financial Stress

Almost everybody stresses about money. Often, this stress can manifest in the form utility bills. Certain air conditioning systems, like the ducted system, have zoning capabilities which can be capitalised on to minimise your power consumption This would work by delivering cool air solely to the populated areas of the house. If you have a small family, and the upfront cost of a ducted seeming is causing you grief, you can also buy a split system for the open plan area of the house.


Similarly, if the value of your home is a long-term concern, an air conditioning system can provide additional incentive for future prospecting homeowners.



Like we mentioned earlier, stress can develop in uncomfortable environments. The is a correlation between comfortable temperatures and decreased stress. By controlling the temperature of your Adelaide home with an air conditioning system, you will remain calmer, and therefore increase your productivity and overall wellbeing.

This translates to a level of deep sleep, maintaining a comfortable climate within your home will increase the chances of having a good night's sleep. When it is cold and hot, your body tries to mediate the temperature and therefore keeps you awake in the process. An air conditioner can be the difference between a well-rested sleep, and a night lying awake.



In a home with elderly family members or small children, stress can build from the perpetual possibility of severe illness developing in for family members. Some bacteria can grow and thrive in warm conditions. These kinds of bacteria are often responsible for viruses and general sickness. In the warmer months, an air conditioner can keep the area cool and therefore subdue these pesky illnesses.


The elderly (or asthmatics) can be susceptible to sickness from inhaling dust and pollen in the air. An air conditioning system can move these dormant hazardous particles out of the immediate area. Having a reduced proneness to sickness will also reduce your overall stress, as if you have children, you won't always be worrying about them getting sick.


For a less stressful environment, you should be thinking about adding, or upgrading, your air conditioning system. By reducing sickness and enhancing sleep and the resale value of your home, you will have a fewer things to worry about for the foreseeable future.

To implement a new air conditioning system in your Adelaide home , call Richmond Air to get this process underway.