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4 things you will love about your new Ducted Air conditioning system



At Richmond Air, we are big advocates of the ducted air conditioning system. If you have decided that this functional and powerful option is what you are after - well done! You probably know the benefits of a ducted air conditioning system, but there are four aspects of the system we know you are going to love



A split system or a window unit needs to be mounted on an internal wall or window. These can be bulky and may have to sit high up on a wall at the heart of your living space. The only sign of a ducted system that will be present in the individual rooms is a small vent. The bulk of the system is placed on the roof with a central unit that spreads the air through ducts to the relevant areas in the house. Not being able to see where the fresh air is coming from will allow you more design capabilities in the statement rooms of your home.


Whole home cooling

The whole home cooling capabilities of a ducted system are the main reason people decide to purchase the system. Once you implement the system, you will truly understand the benefits of this entire cooling system. Being able to control the temperature of your entire home creates a level of comfort that cannot be compared. With some split systems, you will move around the house and find that the cool area directly beneath the system is vastly different to the other areas of the home.



An alternative to a ducted air conditioning system is multiple split systems. However, this would require multiple remote controls and therefore constant care and attention to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the home. With a ducted system, one control is responsible for everything in the home, therefore emphasising the ease of the system. Being able to control the entire home’s climate is just another one of the things you will love about this system.



Some ducted systems come with a function that completely separates it from other air conditioning systems on the market - zoning. The zoning capabilities of this system control how much air is being delivered to the other areas of the house at once from one location. Whether you want cold air just going to one room, or want the front end of the house where your guests are to experience fresh air, all is possible with a ducted air conditioning system. This can also save you money on your electricity bills.


At Richmond Air, we are confident that you will love your ducted air conditioning system in your Adelaide home. If you are looking to get a quote on this system, or ask some more questions, give our team of professionals at Richmond Air a call.