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Are ducted air conditioning systems a cost-effective option?



Ducted air conditioning systems are popular among Adelaide homes for a number of reasons. However, the price tag sits above the regular split system, begging the question, is it a cost-effective option? At Richmond Air, we believe in the functionality of ducted air conditioning systems, and believe that they are a cost-effective option for medium to large homes in Adelaide for the following reasons:


Home size

With a medium to large home, to get the best possible cooling and heating capabilities, a ducted air system is the answer. Put simply; you can’t put a price on comfort, however, to keep everyone cool in summer would require multiple window units or split system, which would end up costing a significant sum, and cause a bit of a hassle when trying to control them.

The ability to cool or heat multiple rooms in your home simultaneously is worth the price of a ducted system, as it will provide full-scale comfort to the entire layout of the building. With this in mind, we believe that the upfront cost of this system is justifiable and worth it in busy homes where multiple rooms will be used at once.



One of the other capabilities of a ducted air conditioning system is its zoning functions. Compared to the cheaper air conditioning alternatives that cover small areas, Some ducted air conditioning systems can get set from the single control panel to deliver fresh air to a specific area of the house.

Rather than turning on a split system and hoping the cool air reaches a specific room, you can select a specific area of your home which minimises energy demands and therefore utility bills. This option is cost-effective for all homes but mainly homes with infants and elderly residents, as they are most susceptive to varying temperatures.


Weather conditions

A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system is once again worth the investment if you live in an area where it gets significantly hot or cold. In Adelaide, summers are scalding, and winters are freezing, so investing in a system that can cater to both of these extremes is 100% worth it. You can’t put a price on health and comfort, and that is exactly what a ducted air conditioning service provides. Rather than sitting in front of a fan, you can sleep, eat and enjoy your free time without the sweltering heat causing trouble for you and your family.


Overall, ducted air conditioning systems are a cost-effective option. They are discrete (implemented in the ceiling), functional with whole house capabilities, and powerful. If you are thinking about making the switch to a ducted air conditioning system, give the team at Richmond Air in Adelaide a call. The air conditioning experts will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with a quote.